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All the old daily plans has been deactivated.
We gave a 100% interest bonus to compensate the remaining months.
Starting from today only the ad plans are available.
Past news

due to laws and current regulatory we have to convert our investing platform
in an AD TRAFFIC investing platform.

What this means? The investment is CONVERTED in an AD PACK which can be used
to buy traffic visitors.

We can offer a HUGE return (up to 300% in a short time) because we operate in
cooperation with our main company (specialized in deliverying traffic visitors).

You can use gained amount to deliver visitors to your personal site or to
any referral link (useful to make potential money).
2017-02-20 We are about to reach 200 days online!
Finally we have launched a fixed plan: 150% in 2 months!
We started working with a professional trader and we are able to give back 150% in only two months.
This new plan is valid only for NEW deposits.
2016-11-03 We no longer accept Perfect Money.
Due to new banks regulation in our country, we cannot accept Perfect Money deposits.
The problem with PM are the frauds committed by many users. Many banks (including the ones we are using) have blocked money transfers from/to PM.

New interests rate: 3% weekly.
We always do our best to find good investments, and in this moment the market returns are around 5% - 9% weekly.

We have started trading funds in e-currencies (bitcoin and adcn).
2016-09-09 Lowered the minimum Bitcoin deposit to 0.10.

We are re-designing the site.
When we started, we have focused our efforts on our investing platform, currently the system is working very well.
Now we can focus on the design of the website.
2016-09-02 Good news: we accept Bitcoin!
The Bitcoin beta test has been completed succesfully,
now we can accept deposits to our Bitcoin wallet.

New feature avaialable: compound earnings!
Now you can compound your earnings easily directly from your investor panel.
2016-08-29 Dear Investors, we have increased the max return to 8% weekly!
We got some feedback and we have modified the plan length, now the deposit never expire.
This is a great opportunity for you (invest and get the earnings without have to worry about the expire date) and for us (much simple to manage).
Thank you so much to be with us.
2016-08-20 We are really proud to announce that we have increased to 6% the max weekly return of the investments!
We also increased to $5,000 the maximum deposit amount.
2016-08-11 We have changed the amounts plan from fixed to variable.
The minimum deposit has been lowered to $50.
Also the minimum withdrawal has been lowered to $5 (the withdrawal fees has been removed).
Changed the investment length from 500 days to 365, principal can withdrawn after that period.
2016-08-09 Site opened to the public! After one month of testing we are proud to release our investing platform.
Contact us for any suggestion of feature request.
2016-08-08 Subdomain available:, one day to public opening!
Thanks to our first investors for testing the platform!
2016-07-01 Investing platform opened in BETA TEST. Signups available only with a referral code.
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